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Life Labs Medical Laboratories provides labratory services onsite at the Mount Forest Family Health Team on:

                 Monday, to Friday 7:30am- Noon

- Please note our site does not provide full laboratory services and specialized tests may need to be conducted at a full labratory centre. Please contact Life Labs Customer Care Centre at 1.877.849.3637. 


Medical laboratories perform the tests ordered by doctors to help diagnose, treat and monitor their patients. When your doctor orders a lab test, you visit a medical laboratory and they collect a specimen - usually a small sample of blood, urine or other body fluid. The laboratory tests the specimen and report the result to the doctor who ordered the tests.

How tests are paid for depends on where you live and the specific test. In Canada, most routine tests are covered under provincial/territorial government programs. In Ontario, the medical labratory bills your provincial health insurance (OHIP) plan directly. Some tests are not covered by government plans and must be paid for by the patient at the time of visit to a Patient Service Centre. Many of these tests may be reimbursed by employee health insurance plans. If you would like more information, please speak with your doctor or contact the labratories Customer Care Centre .

The following Labratory links are provided for your convenience. However, opening hours and locations may vary; it is always best to confirm with the lab by checking their website or phoning ahead.

Lifelabs Medical Laboratories (MDS)

Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories