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Programs and Services
Mount Forest Family Health Team
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The Mount Forest FHT offers a number of services via referrals by doctors in the local area, as well as a number of programs promoting health and disease prevention.

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The Rural Wellington Community Team -  Help finding the resources you need, when you need them

The Rural Wellington Community Team understands that it's hard to reach out and find the resources you need, when you need them.
We work in the community and with each rural health team to connect you to community agencies, help you to navigate social programs, and support you when family or friends can’t help.

We know that there are many factors in your life that can affect your health.

When people have support, they live healthier lives.

The Mount Family Health Team has an Outreach Worker available to help you with those connections.  Care Coordinators with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA-WWD) and Community Care Access Centre (WW-CCAC) are also on the Rural Wellington Community Team and work together with the Outreach Worker to support you with other services they provide.

Contact the Mount Forest Family Health Team for more information.



Cancer Care Coordinator


Cancer Care Coordinator
Offering supportive care for people living with cancer and the people who care about them.
Emotional support and practical help is available for all patients who have a physician with the Mount Forest Family Health Team:
  • Helping to identify your needs 
  • Exploring your options
  • Navigating through the healthcare system
  • Connecting to support services
  • Providing educational literature
  • Assisting you with ongoing support in your cancer journey
How to access?
  • You may refer yourself
  • You may call on behalf of a family member, a friend or a client.
Telephone: 519 323-0255 Ext 5014
General Primary Care

What is General Primary Care?

  • Same day appointments with a doctor or nurse practitioner to access, diagnose or treat sudden changes in your health like fever, coughs, minor injuries, sore throats  or new pain.
  • Appointments with your doctor or nurse practitioner to follow up about ongoing issues or to assess changes in a long-standing problem.
  • Renewal of medication presciptions.
  • Referrals to surgeons or specialists for treatment or further assessment.
  • Appointments with your doctor or nurse practitioner to assess, diagnose or treat new issues that have been developing over time.
  • Allergy shots, B12 injections given by primary care nurses under the direction of a doctor or nurse practitioner.
Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Programs


Our grandmother’s were right… eating well, getting enough sleep and being active are the keys to good health. Whether you are already having some problems with your health or you want to avoid getting an illness, the Family Health Team has programs that can help.

 Click on "Program Details" to see a listing of our programs.

Screening and Prevention

Screening and Prevention?

If you are at risk for developing an illness screening tests can be arranged with or without an appointment to a doctor or nurse practitioner.  Many programs are available to help you maintain or improve your health.

Click on "program details" for more information on the screening that can be provided.

Dietary and Nutrition

 Registered dietitians provide the Dietary and Nutrition services.  You may be referred to the Dietitian by any member of the team or you may request services on your own.  Individual care or education programs are offered according to need and patient goals.

A dietitian is a health professional who has a Bachelor's degree specializing in foods and nutrition, as well as a period of practical training in a hospital or community setting. Registered Dietitians are licensed professionals, uniquely trained to advise on diet, food and nutrition in many diverse workplaces. They play a major role in health care, industry, government and education.

Click on "Program Details" for more information on the programs and sessions that are provided.

Mental Health

Services provided by the mental health therapists are aimed at mild to moderate mental health issues and include:

  • Individual, couple or family mental health assessment
  • Mental Health treatment and follow-up as determined in consultation with your and your primary care provider and or with the broader mental health system.


Our counselors provide a wide range of programs and events - follow the "Program Detail" link below to find out more.