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Mental Health Services
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Therapists at the Mount Forest Family Health Team have considerable education and specialized training in the area of mental health, and other important aspects of well-being. Therapists play an integral part in assisting in the improvement of patient mental health and social well-being.  Therapists help you to cope with issues in your life that cause you emotional distress or to help you to monitor and self-manage a mental health issue.

Our Therapists are educated and trained in mental health to deal with a wide range of issues. You can access short-term therapy by being referred from one of our team members or by self referral.
Three major purposes of therapy are:

  • to enhance the problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities of people
  • to promote the effective and humane operation of the systems that provide people with resources and services
  • to link people with systems that provide them with resources, services, and opportunities
Some common reasons to see a Therapist include:
  • Depression
  • Stress / anxiety
  • Bereavement / loss
  • Marital, divorce, separation, relationship problems
  • Work related problems
  • Family problems
  • Trauma
  • Self-Esteem