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What We Do


What is a Family Health Team (FHT)?

A Family Health Team is a group of health care providers of all different types who work together to meet the needs of the patients attached to that team.

Family Health Teams are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as part of the program to transform primary care services in Ontario.

Along with offering the 'traditional' doctor's office services of assessment, diagnosis and treatment a Family Health Team offers programs and services that help patients to

  • Assess risk for common illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer 
  • Live a healthy lifestyle to delay or stop an illness from starting
  • Learn how to take care of themselves if they develop a common illness 


What will the Family Health Team mean to me as a patient?

Family Health Teams are patient centered. You will have access to a number of primary health care services from a variety of team members. For example:

  • The nurse may help you over the phone so you don't have to make a visit to the office;
  • You may see a doctor to have a problem identified or diagnosed and the follow up to manage the problem may be scheduled with a nurse or dietitian;
  • You may be encouraged by your primary care provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) to sign up for an education group or to attend a clinic e.g Blood Pressure Clinic;
  • You may request to see the dietitian, or the pharmacist to get more information about how to best manage your health problems;
  • You or your primary care provider may request counselling for help with relationship problems, personal issues, and mental health concerns.

What are some of the programs and services the Family Health Team provides?

For more information on our Services & Programs click here

Groups and Education Classes

  • Hypertension/Blood Pressure Class

  • Cholesterol Heart Healthy Class

  • Diabetes Prevention/Pre-diabetes Class

  • Therapy Waitlist Support

Health Management Programs and Services

  • Coag Clinic (for people taking blood thinners)

  • Memory Screening and Senior’s Health Assessments

  • Breathe Well Clinic (Asthma and COPD)

  • Chronic Disease Management Program (Diabetes and CHF)

  • Healthy You Weight Management (runs six times a year for 11 weeks)

  • Hypertension Program including BP Clinics Monday afternoon and Friday morning

  • Self Esteem and Stress Management


Ask your primary care provider or at clinic reception or call Claire Stewart Medical Clinic at  519-323-0255. If you get voicemail, please leave a message with your name, phone number where you can be reached during the day and the program you are interested in.

Is There a Cost for These Services and Programs?

There is no cost for these programs and services. The Family Health Team is funded through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As long as you have a valid health card number and are attached to a primary care provider, services are free. There is a minimal charge for some services if you have not rostered with a doctor or nurse pracitioner and for services not covered by the Ministry e.g appointment no show fee.

What if I Don't Have a Health Card?

Some of our patients choose not to get a health card number, in this case the doctors will bill privately for their services as they are not employed directly by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  For all other patients it is important to keep your health card up to date and valid.

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