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Board of Directors and Officers

The Mount Forest Family Health Team (MFFHT) is governed by 11 members with 10 being voting members. It is a defined membership that includes 3 of the physicians attached to the Mount Forest Family Health Organization (FHO) with one physician being the Medical Director, 3 members identified by Louise Marshall Hospital, 4 community members and the Executive Director. The Executive Director is a non-voting member.  The voting members of the Board are volunteers.

The Board’s role is to set strategic directions, develop high level policy, allocate financial resources and set and evaluate program goals. The Executive Director and Medical Director complete the day to day operational needs of the organization and ensure the services and outcomes are structured within the strategic directions.

The Board has two committees – Program and Quality Committee and the Finance Committee.  Other committees are created ad hoc. The Annual General Meeting is held each June.

John Thomson
Debb Young
Dan Coghlan
Kathrine Manjin
Sabrina Blaise
Dr. Alex Goytisolo
Brenda Holliday
Dr. Chris Rowley
Sandra Thomson-Craigie
Dr. John Reaume
Medical Director
Suzanne Trivers
Executive Director Click for more

Suzanne Trivers
Executive Director Click for more